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AROM SÉCURITÉ R – Inactive rye sourdough


Sensory profile evaluated by an independent tasting panel. The graphic shows the intensity of the flavor and aroma of white bread worked with direct process. The control sample does not contain sourdough.

Inactive rye sourdough to bring a taste of cereals and a touch of acidity to your baked products

Gives breads with a very good aroma and a touch of rye. Makes bread with a good volume and an open crumb. It allows a greater hydration of the dough. Can be used in all types of bread, especially when looking for acidity with toasted notes.

Between 1 and 7% on the weight of the flour depending on the recipe.

1kg bag x 12
15kg bag

Inactive rye sourdough

Keep in a cool (<25°C) and dry (< 55% relative humidity), place, without contamination in the original hermetically sealed packaging.

Shelf life
12 months